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Hello, I am named


who I am, is a much deeper and serious question...

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On a personal note

I was born in Kolhapur, a city in the state of Maharashtra, India. I have studied in six different cities across three different states in India. I dream in Marathi, Hindi and English, and feel sleepy while speaking Italian and French (though I love both these languages). My hobbies are playing chess, cooking dishes from all over the world and reading philosophy. I fancy the idea of considering myself as an enthusiast of philosophy.
I have always been active in my personal life and have played numerous sports like Cricket, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Football, Basketball, Swimming, Squash, Athletics and Boxing. I was training in the art of Muay Thai and starting to try my skills in Rock climbing. Unfortunately, I had a bad fall and broke my knee which means I will not be doing much of physical activities for coming months. In indoor games, I am a passionate follower of Chess and have played in various tournaments.

I love to diversify my interests allowing my brain to rewire from time to time, and am currently taking dance classes. I love to meet people from all corners of the world and my educational endeavours have blessed me with many interesting encounters. I get super excited to hear from people about their culture, their background and how it grooms once way of life.

I also like to solve puzzles and do maths. I love to learn different theories in mathematics and this has helped me a lot in my academics. I strongly believe that the great shift from blackboard teaching to creative animations for introducing maths is going to be a gamechanger for the future of mathematics.

W = {chess, puzzles, maths, exchange languages}
if (your interests ∈ W) ∧ (∥your_city - Nantes∥ <= 100km): ping me
else: let's do this