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COVID19 - The second lockdown

These are some strange times that we live in. France went into a second lockdown in the year in effect from 1st November, 2020. My thought especially goes to the people who are going through various crisis in this period. These period has brought the entire goodness in humanity to test and it is with a positive hope that I look forward to the further strengthening of the spirit of unity and solidarity.

Apart from COVID19, France is struggling from another big battle, an ideological one. The one that pushes the intellectual minds to their boundaries and forces a person to engage in debates that are not only philosophically stimulating but also a part of history in making. The act, the response, and the reprise and resolve, all have been seen during the month of October in France. How will things turn into? Only time will tell. 


I am interested in....

  • Chess
  • Piano (which I don’t know a lot about)
  • Volleyball (at which I was very good once)
  • French language (je entrain d’apprendre)
  • Questions
  • Politics (ask some)
  • Mathematics (solve some)
  • Philosophy (search some)